Taking place on Thursday September 15th, 2016, Innovation Day will celebrate Argentina’s long history of innovation and entrepreneurship.

SMEs are the engine of Argentina’s economy, representing 99% of all companies and employing more than 4 million Argentines. Due to its highly educated population of young people, world-renowned universities and both a public and private commitment to innovation, Argentine cities have become top global destinations for mobile development services, software and gaming.

Recognizing the need that the public sector has to create aproper environment for startups to excel, the Argentine government has recently launched strategic reforms to foster entrepreneurship and SME growth. These include financial relief and credits worth ~$137 billion pesos, as well as a deferral of VAT payments. Additionally, President Macri has announced a series of tax incentives that will encourage further investment and incentivize funding opportunities.

The Innovation Day will highlight Argentina’s robust entrepreneurial ecosystem and present its young leaders to a global audience. The day will showcase government policies that support innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as provide the opportunity for potential investors to meet 1:1 with startups. Finally, it will facilitate informal networking and peer learning,as well as promote a sense of community among Argentine entrepreneurs.