Pablo Avelluto

Minister of Culture

Pablo Avelluto is Minister of Culture since December 2015.

Before being appointed to the Ministry, he worked as General Coordinator of the Public Media System of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (2014-2015).

In the private sector, Avelluto held different positions in well-known publishing companies such as Espasa Calpe, Grupo Editorial Planeta and Editorial Sudamericana/Random House Mondadori. He has also worked at publishing companies specialized in education books such as Ángel Estrada y Cía and magazines like Torneos y Competencias. As Editorial Director for the South Region in Random House Mondadori (2005-2012) he was responsible for publishing more than four thousand books of various genres and authors. 

He has also worked as a journalist in different publications including El Porteño, Tres Puntos, El Ciudadano and Babel. He was one of the founders of El Bulo de Merlín, one of the first independent radio stations in Argentina. 

From 2004 to 2005, he was Vicepresident of the Argentine Publications Chamber and is a member of the Argentine Politics Club.

Avelluto is a journalist and book editor. He studied at the prestigious Carlos Pellegrini School and holds a Communications Degree from the University of Buenos Aires School of Social Sciences, where he also taught and researched.