Román Escolano

Vice President, European Investment Bank


Román Escolano has been a Vice President of the European Investment Bank since September 2014. He is a member of the EIB’s Management Committee which draws up the Bank's financial and lending policies, oversees its day-to-day business, and takes collective responsibility for the Bank’s performance.

Escolano has particular responsibility for the Bank’s activities in Spain, Portugal, Maghreb countries and Latin America. Internally, he is responsible for a range of control functions, such as Risk Management and implementation of Best Banking Practices, amongst others. Escolano is also chairman of the Marguerite Fund, a pan-European equity fund.

Escolano has held a range of posts in both the private and public sectors. He was previously Chairman of Instituto de Crédito Oficial, the Spanish national promotional bank. Amongst other positions, he has been Director of Institutional Relations at BBVA and Director of the Economics Department at the Spanish Prime Minister’s Office.

In 1989, Escolano became “State Economist and Trade Expert” of the Spanish Administration through an open competition exam. He holds an Economics degree from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.