Juan Rosell

President of CEOE and Vice President of Business Europe


Juan Rosell is currently President of the Spanish Confederation of Employers Organizations and Vice President of Business Europe. 

Rosell is the Chairman of Zoeller Equipos Urbanos., Chairman of CONGOST PLASTIC, Board member of CAIXABANK, and Board Member of Gas Natural Fenosa SDG. 

He started as a General Manager of Juguete Congost in 1983. In 1996, he was appointed as Chairman of Enher, Barcelona’s electrical company. In 1999, he became Chairman of FECSA, Enher. In 2000, he was appointed as Chairman of OMB Sistemas Integrados de Higierne Urbana. He became Board Member of ENDESA in 2007 and EON Italy in 2008. 

Rosell was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit, Barcelona Fair, Silver medal of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, Commendatore al Merito della Republica Italiana, Distinguished Visitor of the City of Veracruz,”Golden Key” of the City of Barcelona, and was Honorific Professor of the Institute of Lifelong Learning.  

He has written numerous articles and is the author of six books: "España, dirección equivocada", 1979, "Crear 80.000 empresarios", “El reparto del trabajo: el mito y la razón”, 2000, “The day after Oil. On the Future of the World Energy”, 2007, “Y después de la crisis, ¿qué?”, 2010, and “Spain: Reforms and Recovery”, 2013. 

Rosell graduated from the University of Catalonia in Industrial Engineering and from the Complutense University of Madrid.