Jean-Claude Ramirez

Managing Partner, Bain & Company


Jean-Claude Ramirez is the Managing Partner of Bain & Company in South America. As Managing Partner, Ramirez oversees strategy and operations across the region. In addition to his client leadership role, he previously sat on Bain’s global Compensation and Promotions Committee.  

Ramirez has worked with top management of large national and multinational groups in financial services, telecom, media and technology, advising them on corporate strategy, business unit growth strategy, M&A, IT strategy, operational excellence, strategic/capability sourcing and organizational redesign.

Prior to joining Bain in 1997, Ramirez worked as product developer at HKS in North America, the producer of the state-of-the-art software simulation package ABAQUS. Ramirez has been quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Revista Exame, Valor Econômico, Isto É Dinheiro, Você S.A., ComputerWorld, TIInside, and Epoca Negocios. 

Ramirez graduated magna cum laude in Mechanical Engineering, holds Masters degrees in Sciences in Applied Mathematics, as well as a Ph.D. in Solid Mechanics, all from Brown University (USA). He also studied Business Administration at IMD (Switzerland). Ramirez grew up between Central America and Argentina, then lived for almost two decades in New England, USA. He’s been based in São Paulo since the opening of Bain South America.