Francisco Cabrera

Minister of Production

Francisco Cabrera has been Argentine Minister for Production since December 2015. Cabrera has based the work of the Production Ministry around three pillars designed to create sustainable jobs and contribute to the national government’s long-term goal of zero poverty. These are: supporting the competitiveness and quality of production, promoting international integration and federalizing production.

Prior to the 2015 national elections, Cabrera served as the Economic Development Minister for the City Government of Buenos Aires (2007-2015). One of his most recognized achievements during this period was a set of policies that attracted creative businesses and cultural institutions to cluster in historically under-developed parts of the city. Cabrera created four such thematic districts, each grouping a different industry: technology, audiovisual, design, or the arts.

In 2005 Cabrera founded Fundación Pensar, a political think-tank that researches and develops modern and comprehensive public policies to transform Argentina. Comprised of academics, technocrats and politicians from a wide range of backgrounds, many of its members are now occupying leading positions in government.

Prior to embarking on a career in public service, Cabrera worked in the private sector, at Hewlett-Packard, as CEO of pension fund Maxima, at the Roberts Group and then the HSBC Group where he was a board member of La Buenos Aires Seguros and of Docthos, and directed the bank’s retail department.