Nicolas Berman

Partner, Kaszek Ventures


Nik Berman is a Partner at Kaszek Ventures, a Venture Capital firm focused in the technology industry in Latin America.

Before joining Kaszek Ventures, he worked for 13 years at MercadoLibre, where he was VP of Advertising, VP of Marketing, Marketing Manager, and covered several roles in the company’s technology and product areas.  

He led several key projects in search, BI, UX and SEO, and created the company’s affiliate program, which was the largest in Latin America. While he was VP of Marketing, MercadoLibre was recognized as one of the ”World’s 30 Hottest Brands” by Ad Age magazine, and as one of “27 Brands of Tomorrow” by Credit Suisse. Berman has also been a very active advisor and angel investor in the Latin American startup scene.

Prior to this, Berman was a Commercial Manager at LG Electronics, where he received the “LG Global Hit Idea” award for his innovative thinking.

He currently sits on the board of several technology companies across Latin America.

Berman received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Buenos Aires. 

In addition, he was the President of AMDIA, received an Echo Award by the DMA in 2000, and is currently an active mentor for Endeavor Argentina.