Miguel Braun

Secretary for Trade, Ministry for Production

Miguel Braun was appointed Trade Secretary in December 2015. He is responsible for laying the groundwork for Argentina’s insertion into global value chains, improving efficiencies within those value chains, generating quality employment in competitive internal markets and protecting consumer rights.

Braun taught Public Finance for several years at the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Torquato di Tella, and Macro-finance at the University of San Andrés. He has also held a number of consultant positions at the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), the World Bank, CEPAL and UNICEF, where he worked on questions relating to fiscal policies and macroeconomics in Argentina and Latin America. Together with Lucas Lach, Braun wrote the university text Macroeconomía Argentina.

Braun has also served as Executive Director of the think-tank Fundación Pensar, and was Co-Founder and Executive Director of independent research centre CIPPEC, the Public Policies Implementation Centre for Equality and Growth. Prior to the presidential elections of 2015, Braun was Director of the Banco Ciudad.

Braun has a degree in Economics from the University of San Andrés, and a Masters and PhD in Economics from Harvard University.