Martín Bidegaray

Feature business writer, Diario Clarin

Martín Bidegaray is a feature Business Writer at “Clarín”, Argentina’s largest newspaper, for almost a decade. Previously, Bidegaray worked at the local financial daily “El Cronista” (2001-2007) as well as other papers (“Perfil”, “La Prensa”, “BAE”) and magazines.

He received a degree in Journalism from Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA). He was awarded with Knight Wallace Fellowship at the University of Michigan (2013-14).

Bidegaray is deeply committed to improving the quality of information reaching the public. He currently focuses on utilities, oil & gas, and infrastructure. Previously, he followed retail, brands, marketing & advertising. He is also currently working on a book called “Print Dynasties: Families and the Newspapers They Own”.