Santiago Gonzalez Venzano

Founder, S4


Santiago Gonzalez Venzano is Founding Partner of S4.

Gonzalez Venzano dedicated his professional life to working with the organized network of farmer groups in Argentina called AACREA. This allowed him to learn their needs, and understand collaborative information management as an engine of change.

His challenge was to lead the incorporation of technology to agricultural production systems and manage its implications in the business model. He was fortunate to participate and accompany producers in very strong technological changes: no-till planting, biotechnology, precision farming.

Finally, 5 years ago, Gonzalez Venzano decided to leave consulting and - capitalizing on the experience acquired - to found S4, which passed through two very different stages.

The first three years with focus on precision agriculture, allowed him to incorporate a lot of knowledge related to spatial data management and understand what happens to plants using satellite data.

The second stage started two years ago with a strong change in the business model, focusing on creating products that can efficiently transfer agribusiness climate risk to global financial markets.

He graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) as an agricultural engineer in 1983.