Roberto Souviron

Founder & CEO, Despegar.com


Roberto Souviron obtained a degree in Business Administration from Universidad de San Andrés and an MBA at Duke University. By late 1999, he decided to leave corporate life behind to start an Internet-based project. In a highly-demanding context affected by the dotcom world crisis, Souviron and his team decided to continue with a strong business plan, attract the interest of investors, and create an online travel agency (something unprecedented for Latin America). That is how Despegar.com was born.

In addition to leading growth over the last 17 years, Souviron’s vision and management are responsible for having transformed Despegar.com’s original profile. The company went from being a travel agency to becoming a technological innovation company aimed at improving the user’s purchase experience.

Souviron also encouraged his teams to develop the most attractive financing alternatives to pay for the costs of the trips in installments, a condition that revolutionized the market, as for the first time, in 2009, users had the option to pay their trips in 48 zero-interest installments. 

Nowadays, Despegar.com is the leading travel agency and the main employer in the tourism industry in the region. It is one of the largest 5 agencies in the world; has received multiple awards; has 3 proprietary software development centers; employs over 3.000 people and is present in 20 countries in the region and also in Miami. It provides the largest differential advantage nowadays: innovation.