Argentina Announces New Investment Opportunities At First Ever Business & Investment Forum
Wed, 03/08/2016 - 18:59

The Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency has announced details of a number of projects to be showcased at the first ARGENTINA BUSINESS & INVESTMENT FORUM, which will be held in Buenos Aires on September 12-15, 2016.

The ARGENTINA BUSINESS & INVESTMENT FORUM will host over 1500 global businesspeople, investors and political leaders - and highlight a range of investment opportunities across the energy, infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and service sector industries. These include financing opportunities of up to;

•    US$20bn of unconventional oil & gas (shale & tight) fields and infrastructure

•    US$20bn for 11GW of Hydro/Thermal Power plants

•    US$15bn for 10GW of Renewable Energy  

•    US$15bn in lithium, gold and copper mining, and other extraction opportunities

•    US$25bn for approximately 25,000km of roads & highways

•    US$20bn Water and Sewage infrastructure

•    US$15bn for approximately 10,000km of railway freight lines

The ARGENTINA BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT FORUM marks Argentina’s return to international markets, following a range of macro-economic reforms introduced by President Macri and the country’s first international bond issue in 15 years.

Juan Procaccini, President of the Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, said; “Argentina has some of the most exciting investment opportunities in Latin America over the coming decade. From long-term plans in infrastructure, to high-growth potential in the technology and service sector industries. The whole world will see what we have to offer during the ARGENTINA BUSINESS & INVESTMENT FORUM.’