Augustin D’Attelis

Host, Economía 4D


Augustin D’Attellis is a specialist in Macroeconomics and International Financial Markets. In the last years he was an Adviser at the National Congress, at Banco Provincia Board, the Secretariat of Economic Policy of the National Ministry of Economy, and the Honorable House of Representatives of the Province of Buenos Aires.

He was Project Coordinator of Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of Economy, Advisor at the Cabinet of Ministry of Economy, Commercial Manager for Institutional Investors SBS Sociedad de Bolsa, Chief Investment at Nación AFJP, Head of Research and Portfolio Manager at Exprinter Securities Administrator, among others.

He is an Assistant Professor at the University of Buenos Aires; Ordinary Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Management (UNM); Visiting Professor at the Center for Business Education (UdeSA), and Professor of Graduate Master of Economic and Financial Risk Management (University of Buenos Aires).

D’Attellis is currently host of "4D Economy" in CN23 TV channel. He is also a columnist in economics TV and radio shows.

He holds a Master Degree in Economics by the Torcuato Di Tella University and a Bachelor Degree in Economics by the University of Buenos Aires.