Rodolfo Santangelo

Co-founder, MacroView


Rodolfo Santangelo obtained his BA in Economics in 1981 at the University of Buenos Aires, followed by a Master’s Degree in Economics at CEMA (Centro de Estudios Macroeconómicos de Argentina) in 1982 and a Postgraduate Degree in Economics at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (Germany) in 1986-87.

During his time working at the Center for Monetary and Banking Studies within the Department of Monetary Programming of the Central Bank of Argentina, as well as in its External Studies Area, he specialized in the analysis of banking, monetary and exchange rate macroeconomics.

In October of 1991, after working as a consultant in the private sector, he partnered with Carlos Melconian to start M&S Consultores, a consulting firm specialized in providing advice in macroeconomics and finance to private sector companies.

In January of 2016, together with a group of economists, he started Macroview S.A. and continued to provide specialized advice to local and foreign private sector companies to facilitate their understanding of the economic and financial environment in Argentina and Latin America.

As of March of 2016 he has been elected President of SEDESA (Seguro de Depósitos S.A.), a company created to manage the Bank Deposit Insurance Fund.

Worthy of mention are the following achievements: he received the annual prize of ADEBA in 1986 and the Manuel Belgrano Prize of the City of Buenos Aires Professional Council of Economic Science in 1993; as well as the creation of Fundación para el Cambio (Foundation for Change) in 2002, an organization dedicated to the study of Argentine and Latin American economies.