Luis Enriquez

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co


Luis Enriquez is a Director in McKinsey & Company’s Brussels Office, where he has worked primarily in the infrastructure and regulated industries. He has focused on regulation, operations and pricing in telecommunications (fixed and mobile businesses) and energy. He co-leads the McKinsey’s global efforts in regulation, regulatory economics, stakeholder management and worked extensively in this area both at McKinsey and prior to joining the firm.

He co-leads the global infrastructure initiative in telecommunications and McKinsey’s regulatory strategy function. He is currently leading a cross-industry internal task force to gather global lessons in regulatory management and strategy across industries.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Enriquez worked extensively in liberalisation, company restructuring and regulation issues in Europe, the United States and Latin America.  He assisted the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic in developing price regulations to support the privatisation of Czech Telecom (then SPT Telecom) in 1994, and taught courses and seminars on issues surrounding liberalisation, competition and interconnection. 

He worked in the Office of Plans and Policy with the Chief economist of the Federal Communications Commission during the implementation of the 1996 telecommunications act.  He has worked with US telecommunications and energy firms on multiple regulatory topics ranging from incremental cost pricing, rate base regulation, wholesale pricing models, price cap regulation, interconnection, unbundling and collocation, and pricing of broadband services.

Enriquez has an B.A in economics from Harvard University and did his doctoral work in economics at the University of California at Berkeley where he focused on the economic dynamics of interconnection among telecommunications networks.