Federico Nicolás Weil

Founder & CEO, TGLT S.A.


Federico Weil is Founder & CEO of TGLT S.A. TGLT (www.tglt.com), which is one of the largest real estate development companies active in Argentina and Uruguay, with over 600,000 m2 under development of residential and commercial projects. The company was founded in 2005 and IPOed in 2010 and is listed in the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.

As an integrated real estate company, TGLT controls all aspects of the real estate development process with a management team experienced in all key areas of real estate development and operations, including land identification and acquisition, government licensing and relations, project management, commercialization and sales.

Weil is also founder of CAP Ventures - a venture capital fund based in Argentina, and Co-founder of AGL Capital - a consumer finance company. In 2002, Weil Co-founded Adecoagro, currently the largest agro investment company in South America. Weil received an MS and BS in Industrial Engineer (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and an MBA (Wharton, University of Pennsylvania).