Ricardo Lorenzetti

President of the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina

Lorenzetti was born in Rafaela, Santa Fe Province, the son of a primary school teacher and a travelling salesman. He studied at the Department of Law and Social Sciences of the National University of Littoral, becoming a lawyer in 1978. At the time, he counselled several labour unions. He obtained his doctorate in 1983, specialising in private law. Amongst his first interests was the civil liability of physicians in the exercise of their profession.

Besides his work as a lawyer during 26 years in his native city, he has taught in a number of law faculties around throughout the country. He has dictated more than one thousand lectures and published more than 30 books in Argentina and abroad, as well as more than 300 articles in specialised publications.

A Doctor in Law and Social Sciences, he is also Doctor Honoris Causa, in Argentina, from the National University of Córdoba, the National and the Catholic Universities of Salta, the University of Mendoza, the National University of Rosario, the National University of Tucumán, the National University of Littoral, the National Northeastern University, the University of Jujuy, the National Southern University, the University of Morón, the National University of La Matanza, the National University of La Plata, Siglo21 University, the National University of Cuyo. In Brazil, from the Federal University of Porto Alegre; in Peru, from the University of Lima, Garcilaso de la Vega University, the National University of Cajamarca and the Private University of San Pedro de Trujillo. He has been honoured as Grand Officer, Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity, by the Italian government. Since June 2012, he serves as the Co-President of the United Nations Environment Programme´s World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability.