Felicitas Pizarro



Although she has always been passionate about cooking and her first professional gigs came when she was very young, Felicitas Pizarro became popular in 2013, at 28 years old, after winning Jamie Oliver’s international contest. This International Buenos Aires Hotel and Restaurant School graduate has now become a star on Food Tube, the perfect blend of cuisine and social networking.

The 15,000 votes and 65,000 views garnered by her successful video inspired her to open her own YouTube channel to share her recipes, tips and ideas. But the main TV networks have also spotted this young professional. In 2015, she hosted Las Recetas de Felicitas on AMC Networks, which earned her a FundTv Award in the Everyday Lifestyles category.

Today, Pizarro has over 36,900 subscribers to her video account and almost 1.5 million viewers, works as the Main Chef at the Ellerstina Hotel and the cuisine producer at Essen, a high-end cooking pot manufacturer, and has been nominated to a Martín Fierro Award in the culinary category.