Mario Quintana

Secretary of Interministerial Coordination, Cabinet Office, Argentina

Mario Quintana started his career working at Siemens and at McKinsey & Co, which ignited his passion for business and entrepreneurship. In 1997 he co-founded Farmacity, the Argentine drugstore chain of which he is still President.

He is also Founder and President of Pegasus Group which controls companies like Farmacity, Freddo and Tortugas Open Mall, and holds shares in several real estate, technology and food businesses in Argentina and Colombia.

Quintana is also active in nationwide initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, education and solidarity. He is either a board member or advisor to organizations such as Ashoka Argentina, IAE, UMET, LA Voz Pública, CIPPEC and Vocación Humana.

He has an Economics Degree from the University of Buenos Aires, and an MBA from INSEAD.