President Mauricio Macri to Open the Argentina Business & Investment Forum
Mon, 12/09/2016 - 19:13

Buenos Aires, Argentina – September 12th, 2016.- From September 12 -15, Buenos Aires will host the inaugural ARGENTINA BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT FORUM, bringing together 1,900 global and local business leaders, and investors plus 400 government representatives for the first time in Buenos Aires.

The Forum defines Argentina’s smart return to the world. It will lay out the government’s visions and strategy to invigorate key economic sectors, and explore new investment opportunities that stimulate inclusive, long-term growth.

Chief of Staff, Marcos Peña, announced that President Macri will host the Forum and deliver the keynote address on Tuesday September 13, at the main auditorium of the Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK).

“Argentineans are starting a new age of clear rules, common sense, and trust; a new stage where trust is consolidated day after day because truth is valued. We are convinced that in order to grow and develop, we must rally behind a dream of a better country,” stated Peña, “this also applies to the international communities. Ties with the world were wounded, and now we are seeking to heal and strengthen them. In order to increase employment and reduce poverty, we need a consolidated economy and relate to the rest of the countries, because nobody can grow alone and isolated from the rest.”

The Forum is organized by the ARGENTINE INVESTMENT AND TRADE PROMOTION AGENCY and includes plenary sessions, thematic roundtables, bilateral meetings, and networking opportunities; and seeks to generate foreign direct investment to boost Argentina’s economic growth.

Juan Procaccini, President of the Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, said; “We have attained the Forum’s first objective with the number and the quality of local and international executives that will be visiting us. Undoubtedly, the Forum provides a unique networking opportunity between the public and private sectors, which will allow investors and leaders to get acquainted with the attributes of Argentina’s different economic sectors. Within the next few days, they will be able to know first-hand the great number of opportunities that open in Argentina. In sectors such as agribusiness, conventional and renewable energies, mining, tourism, and value-added services, biotechnology, and other top industrial services, Argentina has the natural resources and talent to grow.

The Forum seeks to position Argentina as an attractive destination on the international investment map, and to highlight the opportunities in key economic sectors and the potential yet to be developed.

“Argentina offers opportunities in every province and region. And there is a government with an Infrastructure Plan for a growing number of developments to be possible, a Productive Plan that supports those who seek to invest, generate employment, and grow”, affirmed Horacio Reyser, President Macri’s foreign investment adviser. “We are really excited about this fresh strat. We see the energy of a country in motion that looks to the future. Thank you for your trust in Argentineans. We invite you to be part of this new and unique era.