Juan Manuel Urtubey

Governor of the Province of Salta

Governor of the province of Salta since December 2007, Juan Manuel Urtubey is 45 years old and father of 4.

Since he was a secondary student he took part in political activities in Partido Justicialista (also called Peronismo) by the hand of his beloved uncle Julio Mera Figueroa who was a party leader.

Currently, this young politician with a Law degree is vocal in the national PJ and its President in the Province of Salta

He works with commitment as a Member of The Inter-American Dialogue , which mission is to foster democratic governance, social equity, and prosperity across the Americas.

Juan Manuel Urtubey was national legislator in from 1999 until 2007 when he resigned to be candidate for Governor in Salta.

At Congress, Urtubey performance several positions. He was Constitution Affairs Committee Chairman, member of different committees as Budget and Economy, Communications and IT, Justice, Petitions, Authority and Regulations, Criminal Law, Addiction Prevention and drug trafficking, Social Security, Energy and Power, Communications and IT, Mining, Small and Medium Business, Freedom of Expression and member of the Ombudsman bi-cameral Committee. He was representative for the Human Rights Committee of the Latin-American Parliament.

He was also president of his party block in 2005.

In 2003 he was elected for the Constituent Assembly of the Province of Salta.

Before his Congress performance, Urtubey was Provincial Congressman from 1997 until 1999 and, in Government positions, he was Communications Secretary, General Coordinator of a Housing Program and Dean of the Public Management School.

During all these years he has written a book “Sembrando Progreso.Claves del Desarrollo de Salta” and many articles for newspapers and magazines of Argentina, Chile and Brasil.