Alfonso Prat-Gay

Minister of Treasury and Public Finance

Economy and Finance Minister since December 2015, Alfonso Prat Gay has already lifted currency controls, cut trade and export tariffs, adjusted subsidies, brokered a deal with Argentina’s holdout creditors and successfully sold a record $16.5 billion in U.S. dollar debt.

Previously, Prat Gay worked at J. P. Morgan in New York, London and Buenos Aires. At the age of 33, he became the firm's director of foreign exchange strategies. He returned to Argentina in the middle of the 2001 crisis and chaired the Argentine Central Bank between December 2002 and September 2004, during the administrations of Presidents Eduardo Duhalde and Néstor Kirchner. He won the 2004 Euromoney Central Bank Governor of the Year award for heavily reducing inflation while maintaining economic growth.

He started his political career alongside the veteran politician Elisa Carrió, and was elected Congressman in 2009 for the City of Buenos Aires as a member of the Acuerdo Cívico y Social party. In Congress he played a key role in backing policies on increasing banking security, preventing money laundering and drug trafficking, and on deregulating the Argentine financial system. He was later named head of the Civic Coalition caucus in the Lower House.

Prat-Gay is also a founder of consulting firm APL Economía and the Andares Foundation for the Development of Microfinances.

He has an Economics degree from the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) and holds a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.