Ricardo Buryaile

Minister of Agroindustry

Ricardo Buryaile was appointed Minister of Agroindustry in December 2015. His administration places strong emphasis on greater productivity, opening of the markets, and value addition, with a view to helping Argentina’s agricultural sector regain a leading role in global markets.  

In his short tenure, Argentina has already returned to historic markets such as Brazil, the United States, Egypt and South-East Asia. The Ministry has withdrawn export tariffs for meat, crops and regional economies, cut soya export tariffs, brought the public and private sectors in the agro-industrial chain closer together, and restored Argentina’s active participation in multilateral organizations and international summits, ensuring its voice is heard on issues like trade and investment, climate change and food security. 

A livestock producer from Formosa (Northern Argentina), Buryaile had an extensive career in the farming unions before being elected National Deputy for Formosa Province. He served as President of the Pilcomayo Rural Society, Chairman of the Confederation of Rural Societies of Chaco and Formosa (CHAFOR), and Vice-President of the Argentine Rural Confederation (CFA).

In 2009 and again in 2011 he was elected National Deputy for the Radical Civic Union Party (UCR) in Formosa Province. Over a period of 6 years his responsibilities included Chairing the Agriculture and Livestock Committee, serving in the Investigative Committee of Banking and Financial Instruments, as Spokesperson for the Commission of Organ Control & Homeland Security Committee, and as Secretary General of the Radical Civic Union Block of National Deputies.

Bruyaile has a degree in Accounting from the Argentine Catholic University (UCA).