Guillermo Dietrich

Minister of Transportation

Transport Minister Guillermo Dietrich was appointed in December 2015. He previously held the same position in the Buenos Aires City Government (2009-2015).

As City Transport Minister, Dietrich was responsible for a vast umbrella program of sustainable and healthy mobility policies, which prioritized public transport, pedestrians and cyclists, and won several international awards.

Flagship sustainable mobility initiatives included Ecobici, a free bike-sharing scheme, and the Metrobus, the first BRT system in Argentina that has greatly enhanced accessibility, efficiency and safety for over 1 million passengers, and reduced pollution. The Metrobus corridor on the Avenida 9 de Julio, for example, has cut travel times in half for over 200,000 daily commuters, with an equivalent CO2 reduction of 5,612 tons per year.

Previously, Dietrich led the Dietrich Group, a well-known car retailer and the first in the region to engage in mobility practices. He was actively involved in trade union relations during this time, and he continues to be a member of the Board of Directors of various NGOs that research and develop sustainable public policies.

Guillermo Dietrich graduated with a Degree in Economics, and has a postgraduate Degree in Business at the Argentine Catholic University and an MBA at the IAE Business School of the Austral University of Argentina.