Germán Garavano

Minister of Justice and Human Rights

Germán Garavano was appointed Minister of Justice & Human Rights in December 2015. Formerly a public prosecutor for the city of Buenos Aires (2007-2014), Garavano was Acting Head of the National Magistrates Council (2014-2015) prior to his appointment as Justice Minister.  

A specialist in judicial reform, the modernization of the justice system is high on Minister Garavano’s list of priorities. He has already developed the institutional and citizen dialogue initiative Justicia 2020, designed to implement and evaluate a more modern, efficient, transparent and independent justice system together with stakeholders across the whole spectrum of Argentine society.

Before serving as a city public prosecutor, Garavano was Second Vice President of the Argentine Council of Public Prosecutors, Defenders and Councilors; Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (CEJA), elected by the General Assembly of the OAS; a member of the National Magistrates Council of the City of Buenos Aires (2004-2006) and a city judge (2003-2007). 

Earlier on in his career, he served as First Secretary for the Permanent Roundtable for Dialogue on Justice (2001-2003) and coordinated the National Plan for Judicial Reform and the Integrated Program for Judicial Reform in the Justice & Legal Affairs Secretariat of the Justice & Human Rights Ministry (2000-2003).

During his academic career, as well as teaching at a number of prestigious national legal institutions and NGOs, Garavano has authored or co-authored over 15 books on specialized areas of law, and is academic director of the NGO United for Justice, which seeks to strengthen the democratic system and increase judicial security in Argentina. 
Garavano has a degree in Law from the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA), and went abroad to finalize his studies in Law & Economics.