Jorge Lemus

Minister of Health

A doctor with a long career at the forefront of clinical practice and public health research, Health Minister Dr. Lemus previously served in the same role for the Buenos Aires City Government (2007-2012) and as President of the City Government’s Health Advisory Council (2012-2015). 

As City Health Minister, Dr. Lemus led a number of key reforms in the areas of primary healthcare, quality controls, universal health coverage, health services networks, health technology evaluation and clinical management. Earlier on his career, he worked in the national Health Ministry, as Secretary for Priority Programs (1998) and Undersecretary for Medical Care (1995). 

Besides his political career, Dr. Lemus worked for several years at the Dr. Juan A. Fernández Hospital which specializes in acute care, becoming its Director in 2006, and taught at several medical institutions, such as UBA, USAL, UCES, CEMIC and CAECE, and the Royal Academy of Medicine & Surgery (Galicia, Spain). 

He has also served as Director of International Programs for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), President of the Argentine Society of Healthcare and Public Health Organizations, President of the Argentine Society for Quality Control and the Evaluation of Health Technologies, and worked as a health consultant, researcher and practitioner in a number of countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and France.  

As a researcher at CONICET, the National Scientific and Technical Research Council, and Principal Researcher at the University of Buenos Aires (1995-2005), Dr. Lemus was author and co-author of over 200 investigative works, and served as Director for several national clinical journals. He has been awarded 30 prizes for research in public health and epidemiology. 

Lemus has a PhD from the University of Buenos Aires’ Faculty of Medicine, and completed his training as a General Practitioner with a specialization in Preventative and Social Medicine. He also studied Public Health, Epidemiology & Health Services Administration at the University of Salvador (USAL), receiving the Enrique Nájera Prize in 1994, and pursued a Post-Doctoral Fellowship awarded by the British Council, where he specialized in Public Health at Queen’s Medical Centre, University of Nottingham (UK).