Since President Mauricio Macri took office in December 2015 Argentina is working to provide a stable and adequate macroeconomic and regulatory framework to become an attractive destination for Foreign Direct Investment. The main measures were: removal of capital/repatriation restrictions, free floating currency, closed hold out debt default and successfully regained access to global capital markets, inflation targeting, public deficit control and removal of export taxes. The right investment climate along with the country´s comparative advantages and growth prospects provide unique investment opportunities. A private sector with low levels of debt provides a solid platform to finance investment and consumption to return the economy to a sustainable growth path.

  • 3rd largest economy in the region with a GDP of $500Bn (after Brazil and Mexico)
  • 2nd highest GDP per capita in the region in PPP terms (U$22,600, after Chile)
  • 4th country in the region in population size (43m),
  • 8th largest country in the world with 53% of arable land
  • 8 prolific Oil & Gas basins. Optimal conditions for renewable energy (wind, solar)
  • Untapped metals and minerals reserves (copper, gold, silver, lithium, potassium)
  • World-class labor force, renowned for its technical skills, creativity and versatility
  • Ranked #1 in Latin America in Human Development Index, #1 in Education Index
  • 2nd highest proportion of middle class population, lowest Gini coefficient in the region
  • High connectivity levels, with 75% broadband and 141% mobile penetration
  • Pent up consumption and investment (logistics, infrastructure, utilities, energy).