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Mauricio Macri and Francisco Cabrera close the Argentina Business and Investment Forum

The first Argentina Business and Investment Forum had a total attendance of 4,191 people, 30% of whom were women, from 68 countries and 1,688 companies. Among the participants were some 1,000 CEOs (national and international). Over the three days, 201 speakers made contributions, divided into 35 plenary sessions and 20 sectoral round tables.

The Minister of Production, Francisco Cabrera, officially closed the Argentina Business and Investment Forum this evening. He described it as "a success, demonstrating that the country is on the investment map of leading global companies." Prior to the closing ceremony, President Mauricio Macri joined the panel along with the founders of Argentina's 'four unicorns': Despegar, Mercado Libre, Globant, and OLX.

"The Forum was a success in every sense of the word. Every objective that we had set ourselves was fulfilled. The idea started in January, after the return from Davos. We told ourselves 'we need to organize our macroeconomy so that the country can be put back on the investment map,' and that's what happened. The Forum has had unprecedented national and international coverage. There is no doubt that Argentina is now on the international investment decisions map," said Cabrera.

He added that "the CEOs of big international companies came and were optimistic, but it is very inspiring to close the event with four Argentines who achieved global success. They are paving the way for growth and development, and they are an example to us all." Finally he thanked the Argentine Investment and International Trade Promotion Agency, which organized the Forum, and invited Juan Procaccini, its President, and his team to take the stage.

Before closing the event, President Mauricio Macri surprised the audience when he joined the panel led by journalist José del Río and formed by the founders of Argentina’s 'four unicorns,' which is the name given to ventures valued at US$1 billion or more. "I see so much joy. May you follow in the footsteps of our four unicorns, may there be many unicorns. They have become an example for many young people in the country who want to start their own venture. Argentina expresses something wonderful in terms of entrepreneurial capability: this has been the melting pot for migrants from all parts of the world. They were the real entrepreneurs: back then there was no Internet, no Whatsapp; nobody knew what the other side of the ocean was like. They began the American journey. Our forefathers chose this wonderful country. And we have to believe in that strength which runs through our veins," he said.

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